Townhall questioner to Hillary: When I see Carly Fiorina on TV, I want to strangle her

We’re all thinking the same thing.

“But it’s a figure of speech! He’s not serious!” Yes, but that wouldn’t save Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz if he ended up giggling his way through the end here. Instead we’d be treated to stern lectures about how Words Can Wound and speech can “normalize” violence, even when it’s not intended to do so. In fact, one of the left’s cardinal rules in punishing offensive speech is that the speaker’s intent matters less than the audience’s interpretation. Not all injuries are by design, but they’re still injuries. Case in point: Moron Melissa Harris-Perry derailing her own show a few weeks ago to warn a guy on her own side of the immigration debate not to use the term “hard work” lest it disrespect the awful hardships of slavery. If Carly Fiorina were to perceive a threat here, intended or not, why shouldn’t Hillary be punished for not rebuking it? Your rules, progressives.

As it is, the thought that she might be called on this isn’t so much as a fart in the wind blowing through Hillary’s mind. She can afford to laugh. She’s got immunity.

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