Fine, fine: Here's the new international "Star Wars" trailer with previously unseen footage

By the time the movie comes out, there’ll be about 10 minutes total that the public hasn’t seen yet in previews. And it’s a cinch that those 10 minutes will feature Mark Hamill, since here’s another trailer that conspicuously omits Luke.

The most significant bit is the voiceover from Rey about waiting for her family on a sandy planet followed by an apparent attack from the Empire. That’s awfully similar to the beginning of Episode IV. Either this is a crafty, elaborate fake-out by Abrams to make viewers think Rey is a female Luke when she really isn’t or … she’s a female Luke. She’s almost certainly a Skywalker (and/or a Solo), no?

I get the Han nostalgia. I get the Luke nostalgia. I get the Leia nostalgia. I get the Chewbacca nostalgia. I even get the R2-D2 nostalgia. I … do not quite get the Threepio nostalgia, and yet here he is, back for another go as well. Do we get Greedo Jr. back in this one too? Let no character from the original trilogy go unresurrected.

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