"The View" out-Trumps Trump: What's up with Carly Fiorina's face?

Via Mediaite, here’s America’s most famous all-woman chat show giggling over Fiorina’s looks just a month after Trump took a media beating for his infamous “look at that face!” crack about Fiorina to Rolling Stone. There’s not an iota of awareness that they’re committing the same sin against feminism that he did, scrutinizing the looks of one of the only two women running for president this year. If they were dead set on criticizing Fiorina, you would think they’d have come at it from the other direction, i.e. shame on her for bowing to all the sexists out there who grumble that Fiorina needs to smile more but never the same thing about, say, Ben Carson or Chris Christie. She should have stood her ground and hit back by demanding that everyone stick to the issues. Instead we get this. Clearly, the only reason they objected to Trump’s insult last month was because they wanted to score a point on Trump, not because they have any principled objection to making fun of Fiorina’s appearance. Trump could have clinched the nomination today by calling into the show five minutes after this happened and telling them on the air that the five of them are morons.

Brooke Baldwin was so amazed by the hypocrisy that she devoted a segment to it on CNN this afternoon. In the end, “The View” nonsense is probably just primitive identity politics in action: God help someone from outside the group if they attack one of us, but if we want to attack, well, that’s different.

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