Melissa Harris-Perry: Using a phrase like "hard worker" for legislators is disrespectful to slaves

Via the Free Beacon, here’s how quickly a conversation can derail when the ol’ “microaggression” detector is set to high. The key line, I think, is “That is really what you guys do as a party.” Aguilar’s in the middle of pitching Paul Ryan as the pro-amnesty Republican Speaker that liberals have dreamed of and all poor MHP can do is ruminate over how the most innocuous, mundane lip service about Ryan’s work ethic is … a backhanded form of slavery revisionism. Why? Presumably because Aguilar’s a Latino Republican and she knows that, and therefore she came to the table with her antenna up for evidence of racism — even though Aguilar’s very much aligned with border doves against conservative populists on this issue.

Tune in next week as a panelist describes the race for Speaker as “painful” to the GOP, only to be reminded by Harris-Perry that beatings and whippings are a lot more painful. As a bonus clip below, for no reason whatsoever, enjoy the latest musical number from the “South Park” guys.