Hillary vows: I'll go further than Obama in granting amnesty to illegals

Via RCP, watching this made me think of Jack Nicholson as the Joker: “Wait ’til they get a load of me.”

This isn’t the first time she’s said this. Back in May, in fact, she specified how much further than O she’d go. His mega-amnesty last year would legalize parents of children who are U.S. citizens; Hillary’s proposing to extend that to parents of children who are DREAMers, who are illegals themselves but were brought here as young children and spent most of their childhoods growing up in the United States. Obama’s amnesty, as bad as it is, requires some sort of anchor of American citizenship to trigger special status for mom and dad. Hillary, desperate to maximize turnout among Latino voters, will attempt to lower the bar further. And I do mean “attempt”: The reason Obama didn’t extend his own policy to DREAMers is because his lawyers told him his legal authority was too shaky. Then again, he’s been known to warm to legally dubious policies after the Clintons pronounce them a good idea so maybe he’ll reconsider. And if he does, Hillary will promise to go a step further than that, all in the name of countering high white turnout for Republicans with high Obama-esque turnout by minorities. In the meantime, the RNC’s already hard at work somewhere fitting this clip into a generic attack ad for next fall. If we end up somehow with Jeb or Rubio as nominee, the only way to motivate disaffected Republican border hawks to turn out for the GOP will be to remind that President Hillary won’t just be bad on immigration, she’ll be catastrophic.

This clip comes from her speech at Saturday night’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Iowa, incidentally, the other highlight of which involved her baselessly smearing Bernie Sanders as sexist for complaining about her “shouting” over gun control. I can’t think of two more representative soundbites to sum up the case for Hillary 2016, such as it is, than whining about phony bias against women and trying to outdo Obama in pandering to minority voters. Exit question: Does she actually refer to illegals as “law-abiding” here?

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