Happy fun times: Hillary fondly remembers Chris Stevens's sense of humor in trying not to be murdered

Who among us hasn’t warmly reminisced about a murdered friend’s attempts to prevent his own murder, after failing to lend him the help he needed at the time?


Remember the testimony of Eric Nordstrom, a security officer stationed in Libya, before the House Oversight Committee in 2012:

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Wood, the commander of a Security Support Team (SST) sent home in August – against his wishes and, he says, the wishes of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens – said “we were fighting a losing battle. We couldn’t even keep what we had.”

Nordstrom agreed, saying, “it was abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. And the question that we would ask is again, ‘How thin does the ice need to get until someone falls through?’”…

Wood said that when he heard of the attack on the Benghazi post on September 11, it was “instantly recognizable” that it had been a terrorist attack.


“Mainly because of my prior knowledge there,” Wood said. “I almost expected the attack to come. We were the last flag flying. It was a matter of time.”

Contrast Hillary today with Nordstrom back then. You realize this freakishly odd human being is quite likely to be the next president, yes?

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John Stossel 12:00 AM | April 24, 2024