Trump: Paul Ryan as Speaker? I'd be okay with that

The current frontrunner for the nomination, who got where he is by demanding that the border be closed to Mexican rapists and that all illegals who are already here be deported, is okay with Luis Gutierrez’s friend running the House? Huh. What makes this doubly weird is that Trump has attacked Ryan in the past for trying to lead on entitlement reform, especially Medicare reform, instead of insisting that Obama do it. Normally I’d chalk it up to a would-be president not wanting to get on the wrong side of a would-be Speaker whom he might have to work with, but c’mon. The whole appeal of Trump for many of his fans is that he wouldn’t work with Congress at all. He’d either force them to do his bidding somehow — don’t ask me how — or he’d ignore them a la Obama and do a little “beneficial” executive overreaching. In which case, what does he stand to lose by criticizing Ryan?

Prediction: This’ll play out the same way Trump’s reversal on Syrian refugees will. Initially he said the U.S. had no choice but to accept some refugees on humanitarian grounds. Soon after it apparently came to his attention that that view was not, shall we say, in touch with the conservative mood and so he reversed himself. Give him a few days to brush up on the conservative case against Ryan. We’ll see whether he still feels this way on Monday.