Megyn Kelly: Roger Ailes and I never wanted a war with Trump

A little something for Trump fans who are convinced that Fox News is on a mission from the Republican establishment to take their guy down. I never understood that — he’s the goose that lays the golden ratings eggs, and Fox cares more about that than about the donor class’s approval — but judge for yourself how sincere Kelly is.

The first clip can’t be embedded so you’ll have to click the image to below watch, then come on back to this page and watch the second clip. What’s most striking about the interview is how reluctant Kelly is to complain about what Trump’s said about her. Rose asks her how she’s doing since Trump started taking shots at her online, a process that’s reportedly included death threats from angry fans, and all she’ll say is that she’s doing okay. When asked about the criticism from Trump fans, she all but defends them by noting that people are passionate about their political heroes. She chalks all of that up to lessons from her mother about how no one likes a complainer, but I think there’s an element here too of not wanting to be seen as the damsel in distress. Trump’s most notorious shot at her was about her bleeding out of some unspecified orifice when she was asking him questions during the debate about things he’d said about other women. That was his way of suggesting, however obliquely, that the woman journalist on Fox’s debate panel couldn’t quite maintain the same standard of detached professionalism as Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. I think Kelly decided early on in this drama that no matter what Trump said, no matter how nasty the public backlash was, she was going to prove him wrong by shrugging everything off. And here we are.