The boycott is on: Trump says he won't do any more Fox News shows in the foreseeable future; Update: He's worried about his poll drop, says Fox insider

I didn’t see Megyn Kelly’s show last night but a certain someone, who’s apparently a loyal “Kelly File” viewer judging by his tweets this week, was even grumpier than usual.

Then, this morning, a war that’s been brewing for the better part of two months was finally declared:

So there’s something else that he and Obama have in common. Were there any unusually harsh Trump-bashing segments on Fox over the past 24 hours that might have set him off? The only sniping at him that I know of was Greta Van Susteren telling him yesterday to “give it a rest” after he started whining about O’Reilly being unfair to him less than an hour after Greta herself had given him a respectful interview. Maybe Ailes called him up and told him to knock it off? I’m already looking forward to this afternoon’s inevitable is-it-true-or-isn’t-it backgrounder by Gabriel Sherman.

Long story short, if you’re looking for your daily Trump news fix, you’ll have to rely on every other channel on television in the short-term. Just turn on your set and wait five minutes. In case you missed it last night, here he is not boycotting Stephen Colbert, a guy who’s sh*t on him on a near-daily basis for the past 10 years. Exit question: What’s Trump’s angle here? If Fox’s ratings don’t dip, it’ll suggest that his fans aren’t so loyal that they’ll tune out the RINOs’ favorite network to please him.

Update: Via CNN, this is certainly the leading theory among Trump’s critics for why he’s pouting about Fox this week: “On Wednesday, a Fox News source argued that Trump was antagonizing Fox in order to create controversy and draw attention to himself because of his decline in the polls.” The fact that he thinks picking a new fight with Kelly instead of, say, pounding the table about immigration or Planned Parenthood is the key to boosting his numbers tells you where he thinks his fans’ interests are.