Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

No Trump sightings scheduled for this fine Sunday morning, but CNN (yes, CNN, not Fox) has the next best populist thing. Sarah Palin will be on “State of the Union,” where Jake Tapper will inevitably ask her whether she thinks Hugh Hewitt’s questions to Trump about Iran were fair. (Spoiler: No.) Across the dial, “Face the Nation” will have Carly Fiorina, who managed to handle those same questions just fine. Rush Limbaugh jabbed at Hewitt on the air Friday by claiming that the sort of gotchas he put to Trump furthered the narrative that Republicans aren’t that bright. To which my esteemed colleague, Ed Morrissey, replied: Wasn’t it Trump’s answers that furthered that narrative? The “narrative” didn’t seem to work so well on Fiorina.

If you’re all Trumped out, Dick and Liz Cheney will be on “Fox News Sunday” to nuke Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, Mike Huckabee will be on “This Week” to try to explain again how the Supreme Court decisions America’s been following for hundreds of years aren’t actually binding, and Colin Powell will be on “Meet the Press” to discuss … God knows what. The Iran deal will come up and he’ll dutifully endorse it; Trumpmania will probably come up too and he’ll dutifully condemn it. His only value to the media over the past 10 years has been his willingness to scold his nominal party as obstructionist and intemperate, regardless of the issue. Chuck Todd’s counting on him. I hope Powell doesn’t let him down. The full line-up is at the AP.