Hillary begs forgiveness from abortion warriors in new video: I am with you, Planned Parenthood!

Five days later, she’s still doing penance with the left for calling the CMP videos “disturbing,” eh? She must be in some awfully hot water behind the scenes: Josh Jordan’s right that she’s taking a risk here by stepping up for PP knowing that more videos are to come, with who knows what sort of horrors described between sips of wine and bites of salad. Her strategy to date has been to lie low and avoid comment on hot buttons as much as possible, lest it leave her caught between attacks from the right by the GOP and from the left by Bernie Sanders. With Planned Parenthood, though, she doesn’t have a choice. This is pure litmus-test material for liberals, something Sanders (or Joe Biden?) could club her with if she stayed silent, especially after she already antagonized them with what she said about the clips. Plus, single women are arguably the most important constituency to her campaign next year, one where she needs to run up the score to offset the GOP’s advantage with men. What good is having a First! Woman! President!, Democratic women might wonder, if she’s not ready to go to bat for abortion on the day the Senate is set to vote to defund PP?

I’ll give her credit for this much: At least she uses the word “abortion” here. Usually Democratic paeans to selling mutilated babies’ body parts are euphemistic all the way through. While we wait for the big vote, go read Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway on some of Planned Parenthood’s more popular lies about what they do for “women’s health.”