Loretta Lynch: The Justice Department is going to take a look at these Planned Parenthood videos

Nothing would build conservative respect for the new AG, especially as compared to her predecessor, like a serious investigation of the left’s most sacred sacred cow.

But that won’t happen since her boss obviously won’t let this cow be slaughtered. So what’s the catch here?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday her department is going to review all information surrounding the controversial videos of Planned Parenthood officials taken by an anti-abortion group.

“I’m aware of those matters generally from the media, and from some inquiries that have been made to the Department of Justice, and again at this point we’re going to review all the information and determine what steps, if any, to take at the appropriate time,” Lynch said when asked about the videos at a press conference…

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and ten other Republican senators sent a letter to the DOJ on Wednesday requesting an investigation. They say that Planned Parenthood could have violated laws that ban profiting off the sale of fetal organs…

The letter also states that the group could have violated a law that bans altering the abortion procedure in order to obtain fetal tissue.

I’m surprised she’d signal interest in this now when the Center for Medical Progress, the pro-lifers who conducted the sting on Planned Parenthood, are promising more video to come. The obvious political strategy for a Democratic administration is to ignore the vids for as long as possible, addressing them only if something so horrendous turns up — which may well be in the cards — that public pressure forces them to act. Lynch has undercut that strategy here. The first two clips might not contain any proof of criminal activity, although they certainly do present lots of avenues for further investigation, but a future one might. The AG’s on record now as saying she’s paying attention to this. What does she say later if/when more damaging evidence emerges? It’s a weird break from the usual see-no-evil approach taken by liberals when an abortion hero ends up in a tough spot.

Maybe we’re missing the point. Maybe it’s not PP that Lynch is planning to focus on but the pro-life group behind the sting, just as Democrats would like. That’s what reviewing “all information” means here, presumably. Planned Parenthood has already complained in a letter to a House committee that the sting is part of a “harassment” campaign from pro-lifers; there may yet be questions about whether secret recordings of PP doctors tossing out prices for fetal livers between bites of salad violate wiretapping laws. It’d be a perfect ending to this nightmare, which involves haggling over organs removed from babies’ crushed chest cavities, if the law came down hard on the side that exposed it rather than the one that’s responsible. On that note, via Gateway Pundit, here’s Josh Earnest seeing no evil whatsoever — and not even bothering with criticism of the “tone” of the videos, as PP’s leader allowed — at the White House today. Your government is run by people who are every bit as deep in the tank for this death industry as its own leaders are, if not more so.