Transgender reporter to Ben Shapiro: You keep calling me "sir," you'll go home in an ambulance

Via Breitbart, the key bit comes at 5:30. Shapiro’s point is that Zoey Tur, formerly Bob Tur, is male genetically and therefore a man in fact, however he/she may identify. Tur’s reply is to grab him by the neck and threaten to knock him into the middle of next week, which is … about as cartoonishly masculine a response to an insult as I can imagine. All that’s missing is a belch for emphasis. Now we can look forward to a day or two of SJWs noting that the boorish impulse to beat someone into tar because you don’t like his attitude knows no gender, and actually represents a bold, exciting new frontier in femininity. If the man of the future is a woman, I suppose the woman of the future should be a man.

By the way, you’ll be relieved to know that after criticizing ESPN for giving Caitlyn Jenner an award for courage, director Peter Berg has seen the light and reaffirmed his “utmost respect” for the former Olympian. I wonder who threatened to kick his ass.

Update: I should have guessed.

See, Shapiro started it. His “violent” words — the word “sir” — evoked a similarly violent response. This is the same logic used on campus lately to harass visiting speakers for their thoughtcrimes. Free speech is one thing but rhetorical “violence,” well, no civilized culture should stand for that.