Andrea Mitchell to Chattanooga killer's HS classmate: Was he into guns, or hunting maybe?

Via the Free Beacon, the search for motives goes on for a media that hasn’t yet nailed down whether “Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez” is a Muslim name. Andrew Stiles’s alternate headline for this one is better than mine, frankly: “Andrea Mitchell: Is there a chance the Muslim extremist Tennessee gunman was also a redneck?” Nope, no chance, as it turns out. Which is surprising. I bet there were some sweet deer-hunting opportunities during that mysterious months-long trip to Jordan that Abdulazeez took last year before he started writing cryptic blog posts about breaking free of one’s earthly prison and entering paradise.

Hard to blame her for asking the question, though. The correlation between hunters and mass murderers targeting Marine recruiting stations probably approaches 1:1. Exit question: What conclusion would Mitchell draw if it turned out, as seems likely, that one or more of those murdered Marines had gone hunting a few times in their lives?