Video: If men were treated like women in the workplace, featuring Carly Fiorina

Reminds me of those ESPN ads where a star athlete wanders the halls of network HQ in Bristol, although this is more than just a promo. It’s a smart play by BuzzFeed, which has enough reach with young adults that it could probably get any candidate it wants (Hillary included, eventually) to do a cutesy made-for-viral video like this — especially Republicans like Fiorina who are on the polling bubble for the first GOP debate on August 6th and will happily take some free online media exposure right now.

The clip’s unlikely to move her numbers, but who knows? The difference between making the debate and missing it could be a tenth of a percent. If the video gets passed around enough on Facebook and Twitter — and there’s no site more likely to ensure that than BuzzFeed — and then re-aired on Fox News, it might get undecided GOPers to pay closer attention to Fiorina during the last few weeks before the debate. At a minimum, it’ll earn her some praise as a candidate who’s media-savvy and has a sense of humor; put that together with the point of the clip, that women are treated differently than men, and that’s a bunch of extra pressure on Fox and the RNC to make sure she’s included in the debate.

I’m curious now to see what a jokey yet pointed BuzzFeed take flattering one of Rick Santorum’s core concerns would be. “Thirty-seven reasons why you shouldn’t let Planned Parenthood tear your baby’s head off and sell it to a lab”?