Hillary: San Francisco should have turned over that illegal to the feds before he shot someone

Glenn Reynolds says this amounts to her coming out against sanctuary cities. I doubt it. That would be way, way off-message for a candidate who’s depending heavily on Latinos next November. Why hand the GOP an easy talking point like “Even Hillary agrees that sanctuary cities are a problem”? Watch to the end and you’ll see she specifies that only chronic recidivist illegals, like five-time deportee Francisco Sanchez, should be handed over to the feds after they’ve served time for a criminal offense, not people who are guilty of nothing more than a first-time minor traffic violation. Why there should be any threshold of criminal severity for someone who’s here illegally to be deported isn’t clear, but then it’s also unclear why Hillary thinks deporting Sanchez a sixth time would have reduced the threat he posed to the public. It might have saved Kate Steinle this time, but the previous five deportations obviously didn’t. Is there any reason to think some other innocent person wouldn’t have ended up in her shoes once Sanchez returned again? The lesson of the shooting is that there’s no meaningful deterrent to re-entering the U.S. once you’ve been sent home. What’s her plan to create that deterrent?

Call me cynical but sometimes I think she doesn’t have one. If she did, would she be describing people who aren’t citizens this way?

Steny Hoyer’s also opposed to sanctuary for illegals convicted of serious crimes — not even Bernie Sanders wants to run on a pro-felon immigration policy, I assume — but, like Hillary, he’s in no hurry to actually do anything about it:

When asked by The Daily Caller if federal funds should be withheld to such cities who refuse to comply with federal law and do not report felons to federal authorities that are arrested by local police departments, Hoyer replied, “Without getting into specifics as to the action we ought to take, my feeling is that clearly, we have all made clear we need comprehensive immigration reform. Having said that, people who commit crimes and in this case, felonies as I understand it, need to be excluded and removed from our country.”

“Living in America is a privilege. Coming to America is a privilege and those who come to America and commit crimes — serious crimes under the comprehensive immigration reform passed by the Senate and every other common sense view of immigration reform, in my opinion, includes assuring that we will remove [them] from the country from wherever they may be located — people who commit serious felonies in our country, particularly multiple felonies — as was the case here,” Hoyer said.

When asked if cities that are safe havens to illegal immigrants should inform federal authorities when they have such an individual, Hoyer responded, “In my view, yes.”

Sanchez, by the way, killed Kate Steinle using a gun owned by a federal agent that was stolen in a car break-in last month, a grim irony in a case highlighting just how open our government has left our very open border.

Two clips for you here, one of Hillary 2015 and the other of Hillary 2003 that made the rounds online a few months ago and is circulating again today on conservative Twitter. You would have thought that Brianna Keilar might want to find out from Hillary when, precisely, she “evolved” from adamant opposition to illegal immigration to her “everyone but the felons!” policy now, but that’ll have to wait until she finally sits down for a serious interview, I guess.

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