Oh yes: KFC introduces pizza/fried chicken slop to Hong Kong market

A palate cleanser via BuzzFeed, which calls this “horrifying” because that’s what you’re supposed to do on the Internet when a fast-food chain promotes a new Frankenfood.

I could understand the upset over the hot-dog pizza from Pizza Hut (whose parent company also owns KFC, by the way) just because the sheer volume of grease involved was potentially sick-making. Pepperoni and cocktail weenies? With a mustard dipping sauce to wash it down? You don’t order that because it sounds good, you order it because it’s a straightforward appeal to gluttony. You’re almost morally obliged to eat at least four slices as a tribute to the sheer excess of the experience. What’s supposedly sick-making about this pizza fried chicken, though, apart from the baseline fact that KFC makes it? It’s just marinara sauce and a little cheese. It can’t possibly be richer and heavier on the stomach than fried chicken with white gravy. It’s thisclose to being quickie chicken parmigiana, which is not the way anyone would prefer to have that dish but which also enjoys the great virtue of being difficult to screw up. How bad can fried chicken with mozzarella and tomato sauce possibly be? For God’s sake, America has fielded a market for Sbarro — Sbarro — for 50 years. Fart out anything involving marinara sauce and a little heat and we’ll eat it happily.

Anyway, because our nation is in terminal decline and China is ascendant, it’s only available in Hong Kong.

KFC 拿坡里Pizza脆雞

兩種口味一次過帶俾你!Pizza 同炸雞嘅口味就係KFC 全新拿坡里Pizza脆雞~咁易揀,仲洗咩煩呀!

Posted by KFC on Wednesday, June 24, 2015