Wait, are we primarying Paul Ryan over his support for Obama's trade authority now?

It’s going to be weird when John Boehner and John McCain are returned to Congress next November by landslide margins while Mr. Entitlement Reform is busy clearing out his desk.

Oh well. The Ted Cruz primary fight in 2018 will be interesting, at least.

Ingraham championed Dave Brat’s challenge to Eric Cantor last year, which virtually no one but her took seriously until election night, so when she says Ryan’s on the chopping block there’s a bit of extra credibility to it. I won’t believe it until I see it happen; as far as I know, Ryan’s still well liked in his home district, something that wasn’t true of the often absent Cantor. For a guy normally regarded as a conservative hero, though, he does have some conspicuous heresies in his record — TARP, comprehensive immigration reform, the 2013 budget deal with Patty Murray, his ongoing alliance with Boehner and the reviled House leadership, now this. The recent Pelosi-esque line about finding out what’s in the bill after it passes was icing on the cake. I think it’s less likely that he’ll be primaried than that his path to higher office, be it the presidency or the Senate, has been damaged, if only temporarily. If you’re going to stick your neck out for entitlement reform, you’d better have conservatives in your corner at least. Increasingly he doesn’t.

Speaking of losing your base over trade bills, a golden moment from Obama’s huddle this morning with House Democrats:

Really? That sounds so unlike him.

Now that Pelosi and his own caucus have royally humiliated him on a high-profile vote, I think we can safely safe that Hillary Clinton has replaced the lame duck as the new leader of the Democratic Party. Henceforth, proper Hot Air usage will change from “semi-retired president” to “fully retired.” Exit question: Via the Right Scoop, skip to 1:15 of the clip below for a little cheerleading for fast-track trade authority. When do we primary this guy?