Brutal Carly Fiorina ad: What's Hillary's biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State?

Who knew that the candidate responsible for the legendary “demon sheep” ad had something like this in her? It’s three minutes long, which is about six times longer than an effective ad should be, but the length works here to underscore the point. Those long seconds of silence when someone’s asked to name a Clinton accomplishment feel even longer when you watch a string of people struggling with the question. It’s excruciating.

And, I bet, it’ll prove more effective with voters than attacks on the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s e-mail practices will. Reminding people that the Clintons are crooks won’t move the numbers. Voters already know that. If anything, I think they’ve come to admire Billary’s wiliness in managing to get away with so much for so long. Cunning isn’t the worst trait to have in a president, especially if the main sin it’s employed for is graft. The Clinton slush fund is a drop in the ocean of dirty D.C. money. Forcing voters to question Hillary’s competence does more damage to her than the scandal stuff, I think, because it demystifies her. Voters have known her for nearly 25 years; they know her credentials; they know she has years of experience with executive and legislative power. Put all of that together and you end up with an extremely strong presumption among low-information voters of Hillary’s hyper-competence. Former First lady, senator, former Secretary of State — obviously she knows what she’s doing. You don’t get to be a Democratic icon by accident. Ask people to actually list her accomplishments, though, and you force some reflection on that point. If she’s got nothing to show for all of her alleged hyper-competence, what’s the case for making her president? Where was all that cunning when the White House was busy making Libya safe for ISIS? Where was it on the Iraq war vote? What exactly are we getting here once you look past the credentials?

Gotta say, I’m a little worried that in our supposedly impressive field of seasoned governors and senators, the candidate who’s arguably been the most impressive on the stump thus far and the most effective in attacking Hillary Clinton is the amateur who’s never held office and whose chances at the nomination are well south of one percent. I’m sticking to my prediction, though: At some point in this race, Fiorina will be in double digits. That’s not to say she’ll be there for long or that she’ll threaten anyone in the top tier, but she’ll make more noise in this campaign than anyone thought she would initially.