Good news: Prominent Republican earns flattering cover feature from Vanity Fair

At last an answer to the question, “What could a Republican celebrity possibly do to earn the liberal media’s respect?”

There will be three camps on this. One: It should be condemned as a perversion, and so should the culture for glorifying mental illness. Sick people need treatment, not self-mutilation. Two: It should be celebrated with a degree of joy roughly equal to what you’d feel after winning a major war. People should be free to be what they want, unless what they want to be is someone who finds this abnormal, in which case they should probably be boycotted and maybe sued. Three: This is deeply weird, especially coming from someone whom the country’s known for decades as a man and especially as a man who came to fame as a world-class athlete. But if it makes him/her happy, what’s the harm in it? Jenner’s always been likable and appears to have been tormented by his dual identity for decades. Maybe this’ll finally bring some peace. Count me in for camp three.

Bottom line: “Caitlyn” is still the most normal, relatable Kardashian.