Twitter reaction to George Zimmerman being shot at exactly what you'd expect

I don’t just mean the high-fiving and too-bad-he-didn’t-die’s, either. I mean all of the Twitter reaction — the death wishes, the instant partisan back and forth, and of course the dogged fact-checking of our tireless media, which framed a story about a guy nearly getting shot in the face through his passenger side window without firing a shot himself this way:

That’s the second time in four days that someone in the press has implied that the target of a potentially lethal attack is somehow to blame for it. And oddly enough, in both cases, that target happens to be someone whom the left really, really dislikes.

Incidentally, this story is even weirder than it seems at first blush. The shooter is allegedly the same guy with whom Zimmerman had a confrontation last September, in which he supposedly rolled up to the guy at a traffic light as part of some road-rage episode and said, “Do you know who I am? I’ll f***ing kill you.” Two days later, this same guy called 911 to report that he’d seen Zimmerman in the parking lot where he works; Zimmerman claimed it was a coincidence and that he was there for a doctor’s appointment. How they ran into each other today is as yet unclear, but reportedly the shooter drove back to work after the shooting and began telling co-workers what happened. Was this a boast or a “the cops will be here soon and here’s why” explanation to prepare them for a media circus?

Obviously there’s some backstory that has yet to come out about how they know each other and why this “road rage” vendetta is now in its eighth month. Already looking forward to a new Twitter fiasco this evening as details inevitably leak.