Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

An easy call this morning on which Sunday show guest to watch: That’d be Peter Schweizer, author of the upcoming book “Clinton Cash” and the man responsible for putting the Clinton Foundation/Russian uranium quid pro quo on the front page of the New York Times. He’s the lead guest on “Fox News Sunday” and “This Week.” If you can’t wait for the book to come out to know which new Hillary scandal bombshells are about to burst, here’s your chance for a sneak preview.

If that doesn’t grab you, John Kasich will be on “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to continue his will-he-or-won’t-he presidential tease, as if there aren’t a good half-dozen candidates already in the field who are stronger than he is. Don’t tune into the latter program expecting to see Jake Tapper make his debut as anchor, though. That won’t happen until June. The full line-up is at the AP.