Must watch: How the Clintons helped Russia buy up American uranium -- to Iran's potential benefit

Via Guy Benson, a must-see if you missed Jazz’s post early this morning about the erupting volcano of Clinton corruption or if you’re just having trouble following the money in this complex, multinational, multigovernment nightmare of influence peddling. Fox lays it all out, guided by Peter “Clinton Cash” Schweizer himself, although the NYT first reported on some of the details in 2008. Nutshell version: Bill Clinton helped out Kazakhstan’s dictator with some propaganda at home 10 years ago in exchange for Clinton Foundation board member Frank Giustra being allowed to purchase uranium interests inside that country. Giustra’s company got rich and made a correspondingly rich donation to the Foundation. The company ended up merging with another company to form Uranium One, which began buying up uranium interests inside the U.S. Eventually the stakeholders in Uranium One wanted to make a bigger score by selling the company to — ta da — Russia, but they knew a deal like that would need to be approved by top officials of the federal government, including … the Secretary of State. So they dropped another pile of cash on the Clinton Foundation and the deal was approved. (See why Hillary might have been keen to have that private e-mail server of hers wiped?) And now a huge chunk of America’s uranium supply is controlled by Vladimir Putin, one of Iran’s chief nuclear suppliers. The uranium in your soil may eventually end up in an Iranian enrichment facility, thanks to a crook who’s running to be commander-in-chief of the U.S. military. Pay special attention here at around 5:20, when NYT reporter Jo Becker recalls asking Bill Clinton’s spokesman if he’d ever had Kazakh officials over to his home to discuss them purchasing an interest in Westinghouse. No way, said the spokesman. I’ve seen a photo of Bill with the Kazakhs at his home, replied Becker. Oops, said the spokesman. That story was first reported in the 2008 linked above but watching Becker tell it here, in the context of so much other smelly Clinton self-enriching filth, is really the cherry on top of this sh*t sundae.

Let’s be honest, though: It’s hard to care much about Hillary being corrupt when you know voters don’t. The left will pretend to care about this up to the very moment they’re finally convinced that Elizabeth Warren isn’t running, at which point it’ll become a non-issue. Swing voters will sort of care, but after 20 years of dodgy behavior from Billary, I think all new dirt ends up being assimilated into the great blob of Clinton scandals, a general awareness among the electorate that Bill and Hillary are shady and greedy coupled with exhausted indifference to the specifics of each case. If you were willing to vote for her and that blob she carried around before today, you’re probably willing to vote for them now. We’ll see. In the meantime, words of wisdom from Andrew Stiles of the Free Beacon: While America ponders whether it should worry about a former president and his aspiring-president wife taking de facto bribes via their “charity” slush fund from enemy interests, it remains a scandal to this day among the left that Mitt Romney once offhandedly used the phrase “binders full of women” at a debate. Hillary’s going to end up raising somewhere between two and three billion dollars over the next 18 month from people like them.

David Strom 12:41 PM on September 26, 2022