Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

How many midwestern Republican governors will the 2016 primaries have? What if I told you … four? You know all about Scott Walker; Mike Pence remains a threat to jump in, notwithstanding his recent RFRA headaches; Rick Snyder’s allies just launched a PAC that’ll allow him to travel nationally; and John Kasich has been telling audiences lately that what works in Ohio can work for America. Kasich’s the star guest on “Meet The Press” this Sunday morning, where he and Chuck Todd will engage in the traditional will-you-or-won’t-you pre-campaign pas de deux. If that doesn’t grab you, Marco Rubio will continue his weeklong post-launch quest to appear on every news show in America by sitting down with Bob Schieffer on “Face The Nation.” Here’s hoping he gets asked about Jeb Bush’s ambivalence towards regime change on Iran. That’s as easy a contrast with Jeb as Rubio will ever be able to draw.

If that doesn’t grab you, Bob Corker will be on “State of the Union” to explain why his bill, which would allow Obama to preserve his Iran deal with just 34 Senate votes instead of the constitutionally required 67, is actually some big win for the GOP. And if all else fails, you could always tune in to “Fox News Sunday” and watch our next president, Lindsey Graham, hold court. The full line-up is at the AP.