Hillary trainwreck: It was "inconvenient" to carry two devices for two e-mail accounts. Also, I destroyed tons of e-mails.

Believe it or not, America, today’s newfangled gizmos are capable of accessing multiple e-mail accounts from the same device. You don’t need separate iPhones for your Gmail and work mail. And even if you did, even if the State Department’s security tech required a dedicated device for e-mail, what kind of goon would conclude that the “inconvenience” of carrying two devices (or having a lackey carry two devices for you) instead of one trumped protecting national security at the cabinet level? What kind of politician would admit that? Who would dare even attempt a “convenience” argument knowing that the public already knows she took the much more inconvenient step of setting up a private server at home? Her personal e-mail operation was more sophisticated than what 99-point-whatever percent of the public will ever use. Not only is the inconvenience excuse horrible politics, it’s transparently false.


And why is she claiming an aversion to two devices when she admitted to using two devices on camera just a few weeks ago?

Her team had a week to cook up some spin and this diarrhea is what they came up with?

It got worse. She admitted that she deleted e-mails — lots of them, although she insists that they were personal ones and therefore she wasn’t required to turn them over to State. For instance, she said, sometimes she e-mails with Bill. How do we know she’s telling the truth about that? We don’t. You’ll have to trust her. (Incidentally, Bill says he doesn’t use e-mail. Oops!) Will she turn over her server for independent analysis and verification that there’s nothing on there? Nope. “The server will remain private.” You’ll have to trust her. How do we know she was telling the truth today when she said most of her e-mails were to fellow State Department employees, which means they’re already in the archives? And why does that matter given that, even if it’s true, it still means we’re potentially missing every exchange she had with other private accounts, whether operated by other State employees, foreign leaders, etc?

You’ll have to trust her. Even though she’s one of the least trustworthy people in American political life and gave you zero reason today to adjust that opinion. In fact, the first question she took was from a Turkish reporter who asked her, surreally, whether a similar fuss would be made over her e-mails if she was a man. That may have been the only honest moment at the presser: It was so nakedly a planted question, designed to reinforce her opening pander about celebrating women’s rights to the UN — code to progressives watching that they should cut the First! Woman! President! some slack on this — that it didn’t even qualify as subterfuge. It was just Hillary and her sympathizers playing cynical games to distract from the fact of her own corruption.


This whole presser was her own personal expression of the “who gives a sh*t” non-spin that Democrats have been pushing for the past week. There’s no defense to what she did. She did it to evade accountability, at great risk to national security, and everyone understands it. The plan here isn’t to explain it away; there’s no explanation. The plan is to feign accountability by giving a presser, even if it’s a trainwreck, and then wait for the media to get bored in the knowledge that voters, supposedly, will simply say “who gives a sh*t.” She might as well have walked out there today, said that, and then walked off. If Democrats can’t field a primary challenger to her after this disaster, they deserve her.

I’m now moving the 2016 election from “likely Democratic” to “toss-up.” At least Bill is a good liar.

Update: Via the Standard, unbelievable.

Update: Two devices is one too many for her, huh? Judicial Watch claims that not only did she operate multiple devices, she insisted on using Apple products even though State’s IT people told her that their enhanced security is designed for Blackberry only.

On at least half a dozen occasions Clinton’s top aides asked the State Department’s Office of Security Technology to approve the use of an iPad and iPhone, according to JW’s inside source. Each time the request was rejected for security reasons, the source confirms. The only mobile device that meets the agency’s security standards is the BlackBerry, JW’s source said, adding that the Office of Security Technology—Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Directorate  of Countermeasures must approve all equipment such as cameras, phones and communication devices for all officials.

Evidently set on using the popular Apple devices, Clinton repeatedly challenged the ban and asked management in the Office of Security Technology to allow their use. The executive secretariat responsible for all communications and information technology always rejected the requests, JW’s source affirms. “From day one Hillary was trying to get the iPhone and the iPad approved,” the State Department official told JW. “She kept trying and trying to get us to approve the iPhone and the iPad, but we wouldn’t do it. Technology security experts tested the iPhone and the iPad several times because she constantly wanted them approved, but it never happened.”


They never approved her for iPhone/iPad use, allegedly. Did she end up using those devices anyway?

Update: Here’s video of the full presser. I’d forgotten in my haste to get this up that she went after the Senate GOP over its Iran letter at the beginning, another little dog whistle to lefties to circle the wagons for her on this. She’s being a good soldier for Obama, now they need to be good soldiers for her.

The “convenience” nonsense comes right at the beginning. The State Department does allow private e-mail use for official business, she reminds everyone. But that’s a lie too: They allow occasional use of private e-mail, not exclusive use. Her own policies as SoS confirm that. She’s not even trying here.

Update: Right. Never once in four years. Even though the White House acknowledges that she e-mailed with Obama himself more than once.

Update: Turns out there’s even more to the video I posted above.

In it, she elaborates: “There are reasons when you start out in Washington on a Blackberry you stay on it in many instances. But it’s also — I don’t know, I don’t throw anything away. I’m like two steps short of a hoarder. So I have an iPad, a mini iPad, an iPhone and a Blackberry.”


Four devices. She admitted this two weeks ago. On camera.

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