Question for Scott Walker: Do you agree with Rudy Giuliani that Obama doesn't love America?

Via TPM. Actually, I’m not sure Giuliani still agrees with Giuliani. Evidently the word came down from somewhere that last night’s comments were Unhelpful, so he went on Fox & Friends this morning to say sure, Obama’s a patriot. He’s just … a little critical of America, is all.

Anyway, an irresistible gotcha for CNBC. If Walker says Obama’s a patriot, aha — now he’s annoyed the conservative voters he’s counting on in the primary by going to bat for The One. If he says Obama isn’t a patriot, aha — now Mr. Electable has annoyed all the centrist Democrats and left-leaning independents he’s supposedly going to bring into the fold if he’s the nominee. Sure seems like Walker has gotten more than his fair share of these dopey no-right-answer questions so far, but maybe that’s simply because he’s soaring in the polls and the media doesn’t have much else to throw at him yet. What are they going to do? Criticize him for being pro-amnesty? Not in this universe, pal.