Jesse Ventura on Chris Kyle: The Nazis had heroes too, you know

Via Mediaite, a friendly reminder that this guy, before becoming a Truther and the host of a show about conspiracy theories on basic cable, was once the duly elected governor of a U.S. state. As late as 2008, he was polling semi-respectably in hypothetical Senate match-ups. (Footnote: He got less than 40 percent of the vote in the election that made him governor, a point I feel obliged to make to protect Ed Morrissey’s honor as a Minnesotan.) Is this just another byproduct of his ass being chapped over what Chris Kyle said about him in his book? You would think a few million bucks from a defamation judgment would be enough to satisfy him, but I guess there’s nothing quite like a Nazi analogy to make an ardent Iraq war critic happy. Or does he actually believe that the U.S. invasion of Iraq to oust the Nazi-ish regime of Saddam Hussein is comparable to the Nazi invasion of Poland?

Actually, yeah. He probably does believe it.