Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

American political media tries to pick up the pieces this morning after Romney’s shattering non-announcement yesterday by turning to the buzziest guy in the GOP field. Scott Walker is the lead guest on “This Week.” Expect some kind words for Mitt, coyness when asked how he’s going to climb Jeb Bush’s mountain of fundraising money to reach the nomination, and maybe a question or two about why, almost alone among GOP contenders these days, he’s had little to say so far about middle-class economic anxieties. Even National Review contributors like Maggie Gallagher and James Pethokoukis raised an eyebrow at that after Walker’s otherwise knock-’em-dead speech in Iowa last weekend.

That’s the only show he’s scheduled for right now, but he’ll have a top surrogate leading “Meet the Press” when Paul Ryan sits down with Chuck Todd. Now that Romney’s out of the race, Walker’s presumably the frontrunner for an endorsement from his fellow Wisconsinite — which could matter. Given Ryan’s name recognition after 2012 and the next-in-line status he would have enjoyed had he run, his support could boost Walker in a way that few other GOPers could match.

If none of that grabs you, Mike Huckabee will be on “State of the Union” to roll out whatever new, silly, controversial Hot Take he’s been saving up for this week. The full line-up is at the AP.