Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

The horrendous massacre of the Charlie Hebdo staff is the news story of the week, so naturally the Sunday shows all scrambled to book … Eric Holder? I thought they’d lead with the French ambassador to the U.S. or maybe a European commentator or two on the dismal state of Eurabia, but it turns out Holder is in Paris this weekend huddling with French security chiefs. Expect him to be asked 12 different ways, “Could something like this happen here?” The answer to which is yes, obviously, but that’s how check-the-box questioning on the Sunday shows works. And of course, as the outgoing AG, he’ll be asked to reflect on his many fine achievements in office, starting with … we’ll just have to watch to find out, I guess.

He’ll be the lead guest on each of the big five shows this morning except “Fox News Sunday,” which probably got skunked because, hey, it’s Fox News. They’d better not complain: Holder’s usual approach to annoying Fox reporters is to seize their phone records and start reading their e-mails. The full line-up is at the AP.

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