Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

What’s that? You’d like nothing more than five hours of debate on CIA torture over brunch this Sunday morning? You’re in luck then, my friend, because that’s what’s on tap. The star guest: Dick Cheney, who’ll appear on “Meet the Press” to dismiss the Senate Democrats’ report as a snow job. He’ll be followed by Ron Wyden, congressional Dems’ most outspoken critic of enhanced interrogation. Meanwhile, “Fox News Sunday” will host Jose Rodriguez, the former director of the CIA’s interrogation program, who remembers Democrats in Congress feeling a bit warmer about getting rough with prisoners in the aftermath of 9/11.

McCain will be on too somewhere because it’s Sunday and that’s what happens on Sunday, especially when he’s making media hearts flutter by bucking Republican orthodoxy. No doubt there’ll be some chatter too on each show’s panel discussion about the cromnibus and Elizabeth Warren, who’s singlehandedly made government shutdowns cool again for the press. The full line-up is at the AP.