Video: Men wouldn't try to take advantage of a young woman who's drunk in public, would they? Update: Hoax

Alternate headline: “Yep, chivalry’s dead.” The now famous and (much parodied) catcall video had 35 million views on YouTube as of this morning. This one, posted all of four days ago, already has over three million. There’s high demand for this genre, it seems, which means there’s bound to be more supply. You can see what happens, though, when imitators try to up the ante and guarantee a new viral phenomenon. Instead of an attractive woman dressed normally and strolling through Manhattan, this one has a Megan Fox lookalike stumbling around fake-drunk in a dress cut to mid-thigh. Instead of mild harassment from dudes shouting “hey beautiful” as she walks by, this one’s got something darker — men trying to steer her away from taking the bus and into their cars instead, one of them mumbling about a waterbed. Getting rape-y out there.

One question: Did she meet any guys who tried to help her find the bus? The ratio doesn’t excuse the behavior here but I want to know how big the sample was before we add this to the “Kill All Men” feminist canon. Another question: Er, is this real? I don’t doubt that some guys would behave this way; what seems off is how these five react when she suddenly “sobers up” and walks away. They all seem to give up instantly, as if they understand they’ve been pranked even though she doesn’t say anything about that. A guy in the process of guiding a drunk stranger back to his apartment for maybe-conscious-maybe-not sex would, you would think, not be so easily deterred by a cheery “wait, I feel better now, bye.” And yet three of them are, as if they’ve realized in an instant that they’ve been duly pwn3d and must now slink away in shame. Seems unlikely.

Update: Yep, it’s a hoax.

According to two sources familiar with the clip’s production, the men in the video were approached on the street to take part in a “comedic, hidden camera” video. One source, who said he declined an invitation to be in the video, told TSG that he was told the production was a “student video.” He added that the film crew did not ask for participants to sign releases or any other “paperwork.”…

Koshak’s boss, LA Epic owner Christine Peters, told TSG that “Mokii was taken advantage of” when asked to “say a couple of lines for a comedy sketch.” Peters said, “They made it seem like he was trying to take the girl home.” Since the name of Peters’s company can be seen on Koshak’s t-shirt and hat, Peters said she was upset the firm had been “dragged into it,” since “we don’t condone such behavior.”