Video: "Too Many Cooks"

This would work better as a late-night palate cleanser but I’m already late to it after it broke big online Friday, so late-afternoon it is. There are two rules to watching. One: If you have a weak stomach for gore, even amateurish gore, skip it. You’ll find it hard to believe that a warning like that is necessary when you’re three or four minutes in, but trust me. Two: You must watch to the end. A friend told me he bailed out after a minute or two, thinking he’d gotten the joke. He hadn’t. Again: Trust me.

Here’s eleven minutes of cheese and blood. It’s an act of annihilation three times over, aimed at the nostalgia all of us of a certain age feel for corny 80s TV genres — the family sitcom, the cop show, the cheap sci fi and afternoon cartoons designed to sell toys to kids. The first annihilation is parody; the second is a visit from the angel of death; the third is surrealism, as if the only way to neutralize horribly formulaic programming is to go completely off the rails. The closest mainstream analog I can think of is “Serial Mom,” but “Serial Mom” was straightforward satire. This is meant to be weirder, a whiff of David Lynch in the last third; the disheveled killer reminds me of Bob from “Twin Peaks” too, which, come to think of it, was the one show more than any other that broke the 80s mold for television success.

You’ll be humming the theme song all day.