Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Fun TV this morning as the talk shows try to manage their Sunday-morning red-wave hangovers. The star guest on “Meet the Press”: Scott Walker, of course, who’ll explain how he’s beaten the left three times in four years in a blue state and what it feels like to suddenly be a top-tier presidential contender. Bookending the hour on MTP is an interview with … Eric Cantor, whose political fortunes at the moment are basically the precise opposite of Walker’s. In fact, fate has turned against Cantor so completely that even a rare Republican loss on Tuesday night has blocked one of his more plausible paths back to elected office. If not for Ed Gillespie’s near-upset of Mark Warner, Cantor would have been in the mix as a potential GOP nominee for governor of Virginia in a few years. Now that nomination will almost certainly go to Gillespie. Poor Eric will have to console himself with the millions he’ll make in the private sector.

If that doesn’t grab you, “Fox News Sunday” will have interviews with new Republican senators Cory Gardner and Shelley Moore Capito. And if you can take another 15 minutes of Obama, “Face the Nation” will celebrate its 60th anniversary by chatting with him and (separately) George W. Bush. That may be the only clue we get this morning about the state of play for O’s looming executive amnesty. The full line-up is at the AP.