Wow: DSCC canceling some ad buys for Mary Landrieu in Louisiana runoff

And then there were 54.

Bomb the rubble:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is canceling at least some of its advertising reservations for Sen. Mary Landrieu ahead of the December runoff in Louisiana.

The committee canceled buys planned from Monday through December 6 in the Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans markets, three sources tracking the air war told POLITICO…

“Mary Landrieu is a proven run-off winner and we support her 100 percent,” said DSCC spokesman Justin Barasky. “We are going to make ongoing determinations on how best to invest in the race. We made the initial reservation when there were concerns that the rates would skyrocket but they have stabilized, giving us more flexibility to make week-to-week decisions.”

The DSCC took out a loan for $10 million two weeks ago to try to prop up people like Kay Hagan and Mark Udall. Given the return they got on their investment on Tuesday night, go figure that they’re not going to go further into hock to try to prop up the last red-state Democrat standing. Landrieu topped out at 43.1 percent two days ago with Republican Bill Cassidy right behind her at 41.9 percent and tea partier Rob Maness at 14.1 percent. Maness’s votes are now up for grabs in December. Unless Maness’s faction stays home entirely in the runoff, it’s a fait accompli that Cassidy will egde past her. And the DSCC evidently isn’t going to put up much resistance, despite the fact that Landrieu is a Senate veteran of almost 20 years and comes from a family that’s a political dynasty in New Orleans. Now that’s wave-y.

Question for our three Democratic readers: Did Tuesday night’s wipeout make you feel more or less eager to try to protect Landrieu’s seat in December? It’s an uphill climb and it’ll matter virtually not at all to how much power the GOP wields in the Senate next year. Hard to muster GOTV for this one, no?