Wendy Davis surrogate: Greg Abbott just "rolls around" thinking he can get tort reform for himself but not for others

Via Tom Elia and Becket Adams, I feel like this campaign can’t end until Wendy herself delivers an impassioned plea from the Capitol steps: “For God’s sake, he can’t even walk.

Until then, though, she’s got more important points to make:

When Stewart asked why Democrats can’t turn Texas blue, Davis blamed congressional redistricting.

Saying, “It’s on its way, it really is on its way. And what we’ve suffered from here for quite a while is two decades of Republican led redistricting that have created very purely drawn Republican districts and a few very purely drawn Democratic ones. And so all of the conversations in elections take place during primaries.”

Democrats haven’t held the governor’s seat for 20 years because of … congressional redistricting?

I made this point months ago but it’s worth repeating now: If Mary Burke ends up losing narrowly to Scott Walker in Wisconsin because moron liberals outside Texas were too busy showering cash on Wendy’s lost cause — $30 million and counting! — it’ll be one of the great own-goals in modern political history. They could have gone all-in to take out Walker and eliminated a potential threat to Hillary in 2016 before the primary campaign even started. As it is, he’s probably a narrow favorite to win reelection and one of the GOP’s best options to give Clinton a serious challenge as Republican nominee. Thank heavens for that pointless abortion filibuster.

Update: $30 million in donations, and yet nobody’s buying Davis’s book. But that makes sense, actually. They’re not donating to her, they’re donating symbolically to the cause of abortion. Who cares what Wendy has to say?