Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Barack who?

Well, now I don’t get it. I thought Democrats had a huddle at the beginning of the month and decided that, with a Republican tsunami gathering, they had to abandon the whole “Barack who?” shtick and make a strong push to get core Democratic voters to turn out. That’s the point of Obama’s otherwise bizarre comments lately that the GOP’s message is fundamentally correct, that red-staters like Hagan and Begich and Landrieu and Pryor and even purple-staters like Udall are all loyal liberal soldiers — which means that loyal liberals, especially black and Latino voters, should show up for them on election day. It’s high risk, high reward: It could be that O’s “loyal soldier” soundbites will turn GOP leads into GOP landslides, or it could salvage a few seats in tight races as blacks and Latinos really do turn out.

So here’s Debbie Downer repeatedly dodging when Scarborough asks her to confirm, as if there were any doubt, that yes, even Democrats from conservative districts are loyal water-carrying Obamacrats. That’s supposed to be her cue to say “right you are, Joe, and that’s why we’re going to see a shocking surge in Democratic turnout in two weeks.” Instead, she won’t give him a straight answer — which, true to her history of painfully ineffective spin, is the worst possible thing she could do. It’s like Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to answer questions about whether she voted for O. You can issue a firm denial (i.e. lie) or flip the script with a bold, defiant affirmation, but you can’t hem and haw. All Debbie’s doing here is screwing up the party’s home-stretch message that yes, they’re all faithful Obama servants so please reelect them on that basis.

Maybe she’s off-message because Democrats didn’t include her in the big talking points huddle to settle this? Nobody likes her, you know. Including The One.