Wendy Davis: Would Greg Abbott, who, by the way, is in an interracial marriage, defend a ban on interracial marriage?

Via Gabe Malor, not only would (i.e. will) Abbott’s wife be the first Latina first lady of Texas, Abbott himself likes to stress that fact when he introduces her at rallies. Dave Weigel tweets that Mrs. Abbott is featured on campaign billboards with her husband across the state. Her mother’s picture has also made it onto Abbott 2014 billboards to assure fellow Latinos that “Texas will love having him as governor.”

It’s no secret, in other words, that he and his wife are of different races. On the contrary, it’s a message broadcast repeatedly by the Abbott campaign itself to appeal to the state’s growing Latino population. Team Wendy is surely aware of that.

And yet:

Would Greg Abbott defend a law that’s clearly unconstitutional, and which, if somehow successful, would render his own marriage of 32 years null and void? These are the important questions raised by Wendy Davis’s vital, empowering candidacy. At the rate we’re going, I feel like it’s inevitable within the next two weeks that she’ll accuse Abbott outright of faking his disability. Which, come to think of it, has already sort of happened.

Ace’s co-blogger Jeff B. thinks he knows what the angle is here, though:

That point is often made half-jokingly by righties to needle Davis over her dumb, quixotic quest to win election in one of America’s most conservative states as an abortion crusader, but it would help explain some of her bizarre moves lately. As Guy Benson says, she accused Abbott 10 days ago of being a disabled man who doesn’t care about the disabled; now she’s accusing him of being a man in an interracial marriage who somehow opposes interracial marriage. None of that makes sense as a serious tactic to win a statewide election in Texas but it does make some sense as a way to get the attention of the sort of angry liberal given to watching MSNBC. Both of those attacks on Abbott depict him as a callous hypocrite who disdains people from more marginalized parts of the population, the very core of the lefty caricature of Republicans. It won’t help her become governor, but then that battle was lost months ago. Might as well shiv Abbott a few times during her last few weeks in the spotlight to maximize her value to hardcore liberal partisans going forward.

Exit question: Is this election really over? Wendy could be one 37-hour abortion filibuster away from being right back in this thing.