Scary news from MoveOn: If Republicans win the Senate, they might use a dubious procedure known as "reconciliation"

Via Dan Foster, I’m not in the habit of watching MoveOn attack ads but I’m glad I made time for this important educational piece, featuring the always likable Robert Reich. I’ve been telling myself that the election doesn’t much matter since whoever’s in the minority will still have enough votes to filibuster legislation, but it turns out there’s a shady maneuver on the books called “reconciliation” that would allow Senate Republicans to pass any sort of fiscal legislation they liked with just 51 votes. Sure, Obama would just veto whatever landed on his desk, but that’s not the point. The point is, 51 votes. Can you imagine what sort of world-changing, paradigm-shifting legislation a GOP majority might pass if it were suddenly able to skirt the onerous 60-vote obstacle?

Can you imagine?

Turns out history for the left didn’t begin on January 20, 2009 but rather in April 2010 or thereabouts. In fact, the ObamaCare omission here is so egregious, it reminds me in an odd way of those creepy liberal revisionist histories in which JFK somehow ends up dead at the hands of the right-wing city of Dallas while his left-wing assassin is conveniently airbrushed into oblivion. They used reconciliation to pass what’s arguably the most momentous piece of domestic policy of the past 50 years, and now, the instant Republicans use it for anything, the tactic will be deemed de facto cheating — despite endless leftist screeching since 2009 that we should probably go ahead and jettison the archaic 60-vote threshold for cloture entirely. You keep smiling, guys.