Video: Harry Reid aide manhandles Jason Mattera for asking about Reid's personal wealth

Via the Daily Surge, I’m using “aide” because I’m not sure what to call this guy. Is he a staffer? Bodyguard? Some jack-of-all-trades policy advisor/goon? Why does Harry Reid have muscle with him when he walks the halls of Congress? And more importantly, per Mattera’s question, how does a humble, longtime public servant like him pay for it? (Conservatives, and only conservatives, have been asking about that for a long time.)

Watch the clip carefully. Mattera doesn’t seem exercised and he doesn’t make any sudden moves towards Reid, as you might fear from a stranger who’s being antagonistic. He just asks the guy an uncomfortable question, then rephrases it — and suddenly he’s up against the wall, physically restrained. In fact, the goon barely waits for a reply to his question “Are you press?” before shoving him. I’m not sure what answer he was looking for. “Yes, I’m press” would mean he’s physically pushing a journalist around for pursuing an unwelcome topic; “no, I’m not” means … it’s okay to shove random strangers, I guess? In a better world, someone from the NYT or WaPo would see this clip and try asking Reid the same questions. If they get shoved too, that’s a story even our terrible media can’t ignore. (Alternately, some Mitch McConnell staffer could try this after he’s asked an uncomfortable question next year. Think D.C. reporters would take notice?)

The best part is Reid trudging along as the confrontation plays out without bothering to look back. I wonder if that’s because he’s used to things like this happening around him or if it’s just an artifact of how powerful, shady people who are accountable to no one behave.