Colorado Dem Mark Udall: Why yes, I support the right to late-term sex-selective abortions

Via John McCormack of the Standard, you would think I’d have learned by now not to be surprised by anything a Democrat says about abortion, but here I am, surprised. I thought the curveball at the end of the clip below about sex-selective abortions would give Udall pause. It’s one thing to back late-term abortions as part of a frantic “war on women” campaign against Cory Gardner, but how do you square faux-concern for women with wanting to legalize abortions targeting little girls because they’re girls? That’s what the euphemism “sex-selective” means, after all. You would think Udall would have come prepared with some sort of feasibility dodge for that: “Well, of course sex-selective abortion is terrible, but any legal regime that permits abortion will have difficulty policing for motive. The solution to sex-selective abortion is cultural pressure and education, not criminal statutes.” But he can’t say that because it would have him expressing disapproval of abortion, however qualified, and 95 percent of his campaign at this point is about pandering to core Democratic single women voters to carry him over the finish line. (They don’t call him “Mark Uterus” for nothing.) The interviewer could have asked him how he’d feel about “abortion” via live birth followed by dropping the baby off a skyscraper and he’d mumble something about “choice” and move on to the next question.

According to one poll, 77 percent of Americans support bans on sex-selective abortions. Another poll shows 56 percent support for bans on abortion generally after 20 weeks, i.e. late-term abortion. Udall is, as a matter of simple math, far out of the mainstream in his opinions. But you’ll rarely see him called what he is — an extremist — in the media because abortion fanaticism is within most reporters’ personal Overton windows of acceptable positions for “mainstream” politicians to take. (Which is also why the media didn’t pick up the Kermit Gosnell horror show until pro-life writers like Mollie Hemingway and Kirsten Powers embarrassed them over it in op-eds.)

Anyway, here’s the guy whom John McCain won’t campaign against because his dad was super-nice to a young Maverick years ago. Onward to victory.