Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

After a week of babbling about another longshot Romney candidacy, it’s fitting that we end with the longest longshot of all. Ben Carson will be on “Fox News Sunday” to talk 2016, what he thinks of the war in Syria, and just maybe whether he’d be open to hosting his own show on Fox News after he flames out of the primaries. (Hint: Yes, probably.) If there’s any news coming this morning, though, it’ll come from John Boehner on “This Week.” Stephanopoulos will want to know what’s on the agenda for the lame-duck session; if the word “immigration” appears anywhere in Boehner’s answer, the conservative blogosphere is set for content this next week.

If you’d prefer foreign policy, deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken will be on “Fox News Sunday,” “Face the Nation,” and “State of the Union” to update America on the White House’s new wa– I mean, counterterrorism operation against ISIS. The full line-up is at the Orlando Sentinel.