Poet: I would have died for my aborted daughter’s right to choose, just like she died for mine

Via LifeSite’s Ben Johnson, who notes that this was high-five material last week for abortion warriors at HuffPo. If I hadn’t read his post before watching, the first two minutes here would have had me convinced this was a poem of regret. She starts by imagining the moments she would have shared with her daughter had she been born, then takes to repeating “I am not ashamed,” as if trying to convince herself by incantation that she really isn’t. Even the rhetorical punctuation mark — “I’m sorry, but you came at the wrong time” — feels ironic, far too pat and brusque to justify wiping away those precious moments she describes at the beginning.

But no, she’s on the level. The killer line, literally, is the one in the headline above. Johnson:

First of all, her daughter did not die for the “right to choose.” Her daughter was not sacrificed for the inalienable “good” of keeping abortion-on-demand legal (and, in the UK, taxpayer-subsidized). Politicians are bribed to maintain it; no baby needs to die for it. Josephine’s child died because HuffPo’s hero of the moment chose not to carry the baby to term and place him/her in the hands of loving adoptive parents who would have cherished her baby – whether it was actually male, female, or intersex…

That intimation that her daughter died for “choice” – that she offered her baby as a living sacrifice on the altar of abortion – confirms the darkest rhetoric of the pro-life movement: That for some in the movement, abortion is sometimes regarded as an idol.

And that raises one other, more universally held question: What kind of parent asks his son or daughter to die for the “right” to abortion?

Yeah, again, that line is far more effective as a sly critique of abortion logic than as an endorsement of it. Mom would have died for her daughter’s right to choose, you see, but luckily her daughter — who had no choice — stepped up and spared her the sacrifice. That’s a superb goof on the casual horror underlying self-congratulatory pro-choice empowerment rhetoric. But it’s not a goof at all, is it?

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022