Michael Moore: A hundred years from now, Obama will only be remembered for being the first black president

Via Mediaite, another incorrect but defensible bit of speculation a la Chuck Todd that would have drawn indignant sputtering online had it come from a conservative. But yeah, as usual, this guy is clearly wrong. Obama will be remembered for many things — putting the country on track towards single-payer health care; getting the left to buy into the surveillance state; declining to make a deal on entitlements before the debt crisis hit; and his most durable achievement, mainstreaming the idea that the president, not Congress, should be the country’s chief instrument in making policy. The double whammy of another undeclared war in the Middle East and an executive mega-amnesty this winter to appease the open-borders lunatics in his base should cement that legacy for all time.

If Russia ends up taking over eastern Europe again, that’ll probably end up in his biography somewhere too.

Here’s Moore pronouncing Obama a grave disappointment because he hasn’t nationalized the banks or made water and electricity “free” yet or whatever. His comments about O are in the second half of the clip but I suggest watching the first half too to hear him talk about how much more awesome it is to fly first class than coach. Can’t wait to see if he’s right someday when I can afford it!

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