Democratic Sen. Mark Udall: James Foley and Steven Sotloff endorse Obama's cautious approach to ISIS

Via Eliana Johnson, enjoy as a vulnerable incumbent tries to wriggle out of a tough question by placing his own policy preferences in the mouths of murder victims who can’t challenge him. Coming next week: “The World Trade Center jumpers would want Colorado’s seat to stay Democratic.”

If Udall wants to play this game, here’s a thought: If not for Obama’s excessive “caution” in ordering the rescue mission earlier this year, Foley and Sotloff might be here to tell us themselves what should be done with ISIS. Believe it or not, quick military action can sometimes be a virtue. Beyond that, I want to know how long the timeline is by Udall’s reckoning before Obama’s deliberations on ISIS move from cautious to feckless. He’s been briefed on the threat for a year. Mosul fell nearly three months ago. The Wahhabi terror-state known as the “caliphate” was declared more than two months ago. Since then, it’s taken Obama more than twice as long to develop his strategy as it took the Pentagon to come up with a plan to oust the Taliban and take over Afghanistan after 9/11. Congratulations to O for not being “impulsive.” What now?

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022