Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Big day for the Sunday shows as NBC tries to make “Meet the Press” relevant again by introducing a man with a goatee as its new moderator. Chuck Todd’s first guest: The One, who’ll hopefully settle the debate he’s been having with himself in public lately over whether we should destroy ISIS or make the group “manageable.” The new “MTP” will also include two new regular contributors: Joe Scarborough, representing the “conservative” point of view, and Luke Russert, whose success reminds us all that intelligence and long years of hard work really can pay off.

If you’re not up for that, try Ted Cruz on “This Week” or Marco Rubio on “Face the Nation.” Both are booked for the purpose of calling Obama a candy-ass in his handling of ISIS but both will probably have more interesting things to say about O’s decision yesterday to postpone amnesty for awhile. I wonder too if either of them will get a question about Rand Paul’s dove/hawk flip-flopping. Rubio’s response would be interesting; Cruz’s response, given that he and Paul may be competing for the same votes in the primaries next year, would be really interesting. The full line-up is at USA Today.