38 percent: Obama ties his all-time low in Gallup's daily tracker of job approval

He’s had slightly lower disapproval numbers, hitting 56 percent earlier this year, but his approval’s never been below 38 percent in Gallup. He sunk that low twice in August 2011, during the dog days of the first debt-ceiling standoff, but never dipped below it.

Think about that. Despite the many lowlights of his second term, from the Healthcare.gov rollout to the NSA scandal to the IRS fiasco to this summer’s comprehensive foreign-policy mess, he’s never been lower than he is right now. Is tomorrow the day he breaks new ground?


The silver lining for Democrats, if there is one, is that his approval’s not in freefall. He’s been stuck just a few points above today’s numbers for most of the summer and yet Democratic Senate incumbents remain competitive in all battleground states. The dark cloud that holds that silver lining is that this isn’t the poll lately showing O nosing south. Ten days ago, Reuters also had him at 38/54, identical to today’s Gallup figure. The new YouGov poll has him at 41/56. (Rasmussen, by contrast, has him at a robust 47/51.) If he settles in at, say, 38/55 for the rest of the midterm campaign, Democrats can wave bye-bye to Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich, and probably some purple-staters like Mark Udall too. See now why Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has taken to using domestic-violence metaphors to attack big-name Republicans? When the head of the party is lurching towards sub-40 percent approval, it’s most definitely kitchen-sink time.

Via Ace and the Free Beacon, here’s John Kerry rolling out a winning new message for the Democrats’ fall campaign, that the Bible requires Christians to save Muslim countries from global warming or something. Exit question: Does Obama’s sinking approval make an executive amnesty for illegals more or less likely? My gut reaction is to say “less likely,” of course; a man who’s this unpopular needs to be careful about bold moves with high backfire potential. The truth is, though, that O’s recent slide is probably due to some loss of support among Democrats; Republicans and independents might already be as sour on him as they can get. If that’s the case, then a mega-pander on amnesty could be just what the doctor ordered to rally his base. If nothing else, it’d give cable news networks a reason to stop running his “we don’t have a strategy yet” soundbite.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022