MSNBC: White House says we "should not expect something huge" on executive amnesty, just five million people or so

Skip to 2:00 if you think I’m kidding. Even amnesty mega-shill Luis Gutierrez, who appears later in the clip, is stunned at the idea that unilaterally legalizing roughly half of America’s illegal population now counts as some sort of half-measure.

But given the numbers immigration activists are kicking around, that’s basically correct, isn’t it?

I’m intrigued by the timeline that Jansing gives too. The Hill had a piece this morning speculating that this would be the week for O to make his move. He’s leaving the country next week on a trip to Estonia and Wales, so if he issued his order now, he could get out of dodge as the backlash starts heating up. He’d also benefit from not having Congress in session and readily available for media hits criticizing him. And he promised a few months ago to do it before the end of summer, which, given the congressional recess, usually means by the end of August. Forget all of that, though, says Jansing. Aides now say he won’t do it until he gets back from his trip. I suppose that’s good news to congressional Dems who don’t want to be left holding the bag on this for a week while Obama’s away, but it pushes the timeline even closer to the midterms, which raises the risk of a damaging backlash. Either O thinks this will be a net winner for him politically or, perhaps, he’s buying a little more time for the border crisis to slip fully off the news radar before he does it. It could also be that he’s counting on some congressional Republicans to go nuts over the order and thus wants them around when it happens, so that the media can pick up their initial reflexive reactions. In that case, better to wait until everyone’s back.

Maybe he’s simply biding his time until the public is less focused on Ferguson and Iraq and can concentrate fully on immigration? Again, given the risky politics of all this, I would think he’d want to bury a mega-amnesty news-wise as much as possible.