Ben Carson to Al Sharpton: So, when do we debate?

To cleanse the palate, via the Corner, a debate between a conservative who’s a world-renowned neurosurgeon and a liberal who often appears to speak English as a second language is a debate conservatives should welcome. Plus, the moment seems propitious. As usual, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have followed the media to the scene of a new racial flashpoint, but this time it hasn’t turned out for them as they’d like. Jackson allegedly got booed when he asked a crowd in Ferguson for donations while Sharpton’s taken criticism in highly visible outlets — some of it polite, some less so — for exploiting the situation. If America, black and white, has Sharpton fatigue, now’s the time to raise Carson’s profile by taking advantage.

Sharpton, by the way, claims that Carson has a standing invitation to appear on his show but that’s easier said than done. Since Carson’s a Fox News contributor, he’d need the network’s permission to do Sharpton’s show, and why would Fox do MSNBC a ratings favor like that? Let’s see a real debate, all proceeds to charity. Here’s Carson issuing the challenge plus a sneak preview of Sharpton’s opening statement.