Video: The Michael Brown surveillance footage

Via Gateway Pundit, there’s no sound and the video doesn’t include the confrontation between Brown and the convenience store owner of which everyone’s now seen still photos, but America’s hungry for new scraps of information so here you go. You do see Brown reach across the counter here and then step back with something in his hand; you also see the store owner come around the counter and follow him out as Brown goes to leave. You don’t see what happens next but other customers in the store seem to be focused on the two men off-camera. Presumably that’s when the alleged robbery happened.

One other interesting note: You don’t get a good look at his face but Brown’s companion has a haircut similar to Dorian Johnson’s, the friend of Brown who was with him when the shooting happened. Is that Johnson in the store with him? I ask because every interview I’ve seen with him begins with Johnson saying that he and Brown were simply walking down the street (“we wasn’t causing any harm to nobody”) when Darren Wilson rolled up on them and said “Get the f*** on the sidewalk” out of the blue. That made it sound like some cop had decided to harass two black kids for no particular reason. If Brown was the suspect in a robbery, though, and Johnson had reason to know that, then obviously Johnson’s version of what happened is, shall we say, selective. That doesn’t mean his account of the actual shooting is a lie but a defense attorney will have a field day with it.

By the way, has anyone in the media interviewed the convenience store owner? I can understand why he’d want to lie low but he’s the best source of information out there right now on what happened. Was it a robbery or was it, as MSNBC has grandly taken to calling it, a mere “scuffle”?

Update: And here’s footage of the actual confrontation. It looks like the store owner goes to block the door and Brown pushes him out of the way. Then the store owner reaches for him as he’s leaving and Brown steps toward him before the guy backs off.

Update: Yep, that’s Dorian Johnson in the vid with Brown.

An incident report said surveillance cameras captured video of Michael Brown going into a convenience store in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, just before noon Saturday, August 9, 2014. Brown is seen handing a box of Swisher Sweets to Dorian Johnson and then “an apparent struggle or confrontation seems to take place with Brown” and a store clerk, the report said.

Johnson reportedly returned the cigars to the counter. The clerk then tried to stop him when Brown allegedly tried to leave the store with a box of Swisher Sweets in his hand.

The report said another confrontation ensued, during which “Brown, still holding a box (of) Swisher Sweets in his right hand, grabs (the clerk) by the shirt with his left hand. Brown aggressively pulls (the clerk) in close to him and then immediately pushes him back in to a display rack. Johnson continues out the door and out of camera frame. (The clerk), no longer between Brown and the door, stops and watches Brown as he walks towards the exit door. Brown then abruptly turns back around and advances on (the clerk). Brown towers over (the clerk) appearing to intimidate him. Brown then turns back around and walks out of camera view.”