Bad news from Rob Reiner: Like Hamas, the tea party must be eliminated

Via CNS, alternate headline: “Blogger’s enjoyment of ‘Spinal Tap’ forever compromised.” For what it’s worth, he wants tea partiers eliminated at the polls, not by airstrikes, but we’ll check back with him in 2016 in case Ted Cruz gets elected president. Four years ago he fretted on Bill Maher’s show that the tea party was a proto-Nazi movement in want of a charismatic Hitler figure to bring about its reign of darkness. Four years later, he’s got a different Jew-hating terrorist outfit in mind for his “elimination, not negotiation” strategy. I’m not sure what changed in the interim but at least he’s on the right track via the transitive property in equating Hamas with Nazis.

Speaking of dictators engaged in radical power grabs at the expense of elected legislatures, how does Reiner feel about Obama unilaterally amnestizing 10 million illegals? The topic isn’t broached here but I’d be willing to bet on what he thinks. I can understand grumbling about gridlock if it actually thwarts your preferred policy, but if the president can give you what you want by royal decree, why complain?